About Us

Brett Borders has been a “Volvo Geek” for over 30 years, starting out as a Volvo owner and shade tree mechanic in High School. He moved on to dealership sales in his late 20’s and soon become a top-producer, recognized by Volvo Cars of North America. He served as a go-to for assisting other salespeople with customer questions even while training for the role of Service Advisor where he provided excellent customer service and gained a reputation as a trusted consultant. His passion and knowledge for the brand were recognized by local shop owners and he spent the next 11 years managing small shops in Denver and later in Boulder. Brett has also served as president of the Colorado Chapter of Volvo Clubs of America and is known throughout the industry in Colorado as an avid aficionado, straightforward business person and excited explainer and advisor of all things Volvo, for both “lay-person” customers and fellow Volvo geeks. He loves interacting with customers and helping them keep their cars on the road for as long as possible.

Ty Martin has been in the auto industry since 14, pumping gas and changing tires at a gas station in Abilene, Kansas. He was inspired by, Bill, the owner of that station, and when questioning his own father as to why such a smart guy and businessman would “only” run a gas station his father said, “The world needs smart, honest people to do all kinds of jobs; it seems like Bill loves what he does so we should feel lucky to have him.” With this imparted wisdom, Ty went on to work at rebuilding engines, restoring his own cars and honing his mechanic and customer service skills, eventually landing at a BMW dealership in Kansas City and then an independent BMW/Volvo service shop. After a year teaching English in Japan, he returned to a position at the very top of the automotive world— a technician at Ferrari of San Francisco. For the last four years, he has lived here in Colorado, working as Technician Team Leader for Gebhardt BMW in Boulder. Ty brings all of these experiences including attending college, living in Japan and traveling the world by motorcycle to this venture, but most importantly, his understanding of the value of a good automotive shop and importance of being a trusted business person in the community. He hopes customers will feel lucky to have Dynamic Import Service in their corner.

Dynamic Import Service is a full-service auto shop in Longmont, CO specializing in Volvo and BMW.  Appointments can be made online or by calling 720-600-6085.


Brett Borders, (720) 600 6085, brett@dynamicimportservice.com

Ty Martin, (720) 600 6085, ty@dynamicimportservice.com